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Customer Service

For issues with your download, license key or billing, please contact SoftCity Customer Service via email:

SoftCity Customer Service:


Please activate Driver Genius Professional:
1. Open Driver Genius Professinal (if not already open).
2. Click Help.
3. Click Enter Code.
4. Enter the License Key you received via email.
5. Click Register.

You must run the file as administrator. Right- click the Auto-Installer EXE and choose 'run as administrator'.

Resolution #1:
Check your firewall settings to ensure Driver Genius Professional can access the Internet.

Resolution #2:
It's possible the Download Server is busy. Please choose another download site:
1. Click on 'Options' icon.
2. Click on 'update' tab.
3. Choose 'Download site 2' or other mirror server.
4. Click 'OK' to save settings.
5. Try downloading the drivers again.

Resolution #3:
Please run Live Update (link on Home screen) to make sure you have the latest version of Driver Genius.

Resolution #1:
Please make sure you are activating the latest version, Driver Genius Professional v16. License keys issued after August 19, 2016 will only work with v16. You can download Driver Genius Professional v16 here:

Resolution #2:
Make sure you are entering your correct license key. Receipt numbers are sometimes mistaken for license keys. Please re-check your order information email for your correct license key. Some helpful tips regarding your license key:
1. Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste (Ctrl + v) of your license key is recommended.
2. The correct license key format for Driver Genius Professional is: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (ten series of five characters).
3. If you've check the above and your key still does not work, please contact Customer Service for a new key.

1. Close Driver Genius Professional (if open)
2. Click Start > Programs > Driver Genius Professional
3. Click ‘Uninstall Driver Genius Professional’
4. Click ‘Yes’ to continue with Uninstall and ‘OK’ when complete